Solar Eclipse 2017 - EricFrankePhotos
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2-hour composite of partial eclipse phases leading into and out of totality taken in Crete, Nebraska on August 21st 2017. Both types of solar filters were used, creating yellow and white light suns. It appears that the moon "stole" the sun's color during the eclipse. At center, 9 images of totality were combined using advanced processing techniques to reveal details in the corona. The structure and direction of the coronal plasma streams are controlled by the sun's magnetic fields, which makes visible its north and south poles.

The quad-star system known as Regulus is seen at left.

You may notice that the right side of the moon has some red light cast on it. That is caused by the prominence activity from the chromosphere casting red glare onto the moon and into the corona. The rest of the corona is seen in its natural gray/green glow.

18 images were used and the final image size is 40.5 megapixels. 2x1 format.